'Eco-Bio Block' (EBB)

'Eco-Bio Block' (EBB) Treatment is a technology with a 'back-to basic' concept of using environmentally friendly micro-organism (Fermented soybeans Bacilli) embedded in a porous volcanic concrete block to treat Wastewater. The "Eco-Bio-Block", is a patented product from M/s KOYOH CO. LTD, JAPAN. In collaboration with Ariake Bio-Tech Solutions, we SR Environ Pvt Ltd applying this product for South East Asia.

The Eco-Bio- Block (EBB) is build up of

I) Volcanic Porous Stone II) Cement III) Nutrients IV) Special EBB microbes.

EBB contains 20 types of bacteria infused into volcanic material and in normal condition it is dormant. When it gets contact with wastewater, the bacteria become active and it will diffuse into the wastewater from its domain


  • 1. Sewage Treatment Plants
  • 2. Effluent Treatment Plants
  • 3. Ponds
  • 4. Lakes
  • 5. Open or Online Channels, etc.,


EBB 80 – Size: 45x45x40mm
Product : EBB OCT
Size: 90x90x80 mm
Weight: 0.85 kg
EBB 100 – size: 100x100x60mm
EBB 200 – size: 200x200x60mm
EBB 300 – size: 300x300x60mm
Product: EBB 1020
Size : 390x290x60 mm
Weight: 2 kg
Product: EBB Wave
Size : 390x190x90 mm
Weight: 10.5kg